TrustWallet-Tutorial to add our Token $EGGC.

Hello attendees, the date of the first airdrop is approaching, so we leave you a tutorial to add our Token to your Trust portfolio.

1.- In trustwallet we must press the configuration button which is the icon that my little assistant White is pointing to.

2.- Once inside that option, the way to add a custom token appears at the bottom.

3.- It seems that they ask us for various information, the good thing we have Robochicken to explain us.

First, we must scan the QR code that contains the address of our contract or manually insert our token contract: 0xA244Ef3f07699b4b929C17e99DDB39BeC238465B

Name: EggChain.

Second, we need to add the abbreviation of the token, which in this case is $EGGC.

And finally the decimals that are 18.

4.- Lastly, remember that we must be on the Binance smartchain.

All you have to do is press OK.

5.- Ready, our token is already in your wallet, remember all the tokens of the first round of airdrop will be sent this Sunday (May 9, 2021).

EggChain Project is planning as a Farming Game NFTs project. OurGoal: Help new investors to learn how the blockchain, DeFi & NTFs works w/ fun chickens🐔